COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Northwest Facilities Expo, Northwest Machine Tool Expo and Endeavor Business Media are focused on protecting the health and safety of our attendees, exhibitors, instructors, sponsors and employees. In these efforts to host a safe and productive event, we will comply with pandemic guidelines set forth by State, Local and Federal Authorities as well as CDC Guidance for Events.  

On‐site Safety Practices Include:

  • Face masks required by all, in all areas of the event at all times* 

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers located throughout the venue and hall  

  • No handshake policy

  • Preventive reminders on show signage (wash hands, avoid touching face, etc.) 

  • Six‐foot physical distancing requirements noted in public areas 

  • Provide exhibitor guidelines for booth design, cleaning and safety precautions 

  • Designated entry and exit doors 

  • Plexiglass shields at many service areas 

  • Meeting room tables/chairs will be set according to 6’ distancing  

  • Share local resources for pharmacy, urgent care and hospital  

  • Staff will receive enhanced training on COVID‐19 related practices and protocols

*Face mask policy:


  • All people at the event must supply their own face masks

  • Policy will be communicated prior to the event through email, website, and printed/mailed expo materials; and at the event through signage

  • Attendees, exhibitors, and labor contractors will be required to acknowledge their acceptance of the face mask policy during the registration process

  • Show management/security will monitor entrances to make sure all comply  

Current as of 1.14.2021

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